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    Brexit and Consumers: Buyer Be Wary

    Consumers across Europe have benefited greatly from EU-wide rules which not only protect them when buying products in their home country, but also when making cross-border purchases. So what benefits might British consumers lose if the UK leaves the EU? And, if we go ahead with Brexit, what measures should the government take to lessen these potential impacts?

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    Sky News Interview 10th July 2018

    Talking to Adam Boulton on Sky News about Theresa May’s newest Brexit fudge that emerged from Chequers and prompted the resignations of David Davis and Boris Johnson.

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    Interview on Daily Politics

    I was interviewed by Jo Coburn on Friday’s Daily Politics show, discussing the lack of progress with the Brexit negotiations at the crucial June European Council. 

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    Government proposals for Brexit break promises to fishing industry

    Speaking in the Fisheries committee of the European Parliament on the leaked government white paper for its post-Brexit fisheries policy. They cannot deliver what was promised during the referendum campaign.

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    World Refugee Day

    A young boy wanders through the world’s largest refugee camp, four letters inked onto his arm. These are the initials of friends he had to leave behind when fleeing Myanmar. He probably won’t see them again. He doesn’t even know if they are still alive. This is just one story, just one child out of […]

  • UK government not ready to negotiate Brexit

    Two years after the referendum, the Conservative government still has not clarified its starting position for the Brexit negotiations. 

  • Short Speech in Future of Europe Debate

    Short speech during the Future of Europe debate on 30th May 2018

  • EU laws reduce red tape

    Speaking in a debate on the Better Law Making report I explain how the EU has a higher threshold than many national parliaments for introducing regulations, and how these reduce red tape across all 28 countries. Divergence creates more complexity, as the UK government is quickly discovering.

  • Three Reasons why the EU is a good thing

    Short and Sweet!