Brexit, Beer and Brewing

Looking at the brochure on Brexit produced by the British Beer and Pub Association, I am struck by some of their key demands:

  • “A free trade deal with the EU as a priority with no tariffs or additional paperwork for our exports”
  • “Adoption of EU competition law”
  • “Adopt the existing EU food labelling regime “
  • “Adoption of the EU copyright system”
  • “Maintaining the food safety system, that is compliant with the demands of leading trade partners around the world”
  • “No changes to the rights of existing overseas workers in the industry and within the supply chain”
  • “Maintaining strong working practices with no erosion of current employment rights”

Most of these demands are not compatible with the ‘hard Brexit’ proposed by the government. Indeed, most of them require at least remaining inside the single European market and the customs union. Though the best way to meet them entirely would, of course, be to remain within the European Union.


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