No Brexit problem at Irish border, IF you have…

It is possible to maintain an “invisible border” in Ireland after Brexit, says the head of the Swiss customs service to House of Lords Committee, IF you have:

  • customs “control points” at locations away from the border
  • joint “helicopter patrols”
  • “zero-tariff trade deal with the EU”
  • a joint “intelligence strategy”
  • a “pre-qualification system for trusted traders”
  • a “system for easing low-risk trade”
  • for bulk products like milk, which cross the border on a regular basis, a requirement for traders to “make administrative returns on a monthly basis”
  • an agreement to keep following EU rules, for instance on veterinary matters (for the control of animal diseases, trade in animals and the import of products from third countries) and “to modify legislation in response to changes in EU legislation”
  • “cameras at most crossing points”

Even then, you may still have to subject about 2% of consignments to “physical checks” at the border and be prepared for enforcement “boots on the ground”.

So, where could things possibly go wrong?

Click here for a link to the original BBC article

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