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Brexiteers are falling behind

In my latest article for Labour List, I argue that while the European election results were not good for Labour, nor were they good for the Brexit supporting parties. Labour must move to a wholehearted backing of a public vote on Brexit in order to stop haemorrhaging votes.

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  1. To build on the increased turnout we must surely see more from the EU in our national news and the best way of addressing this will be through the environment. The Greens have done well and we in the Labour Party should welcome that. In Labour constituencies up and down the land there are now motions going through to urge conference to commit to or build on the idea of. Green New Deal. This is surely something g we can develop together with others at the National and the European level.
    I agree that Linda Macavan will be a big loss. I hope she has equal success in her new Europe free life. Alan

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