Britain stronger IN Europe

The Out Campaign have been preparing for the EU referendum for many years. They have UKIP donors funding them and are using that money to get their message out far and wide.

Unlike them, the Stronger IN campaign is starting from scratch. It needs as many supporters as possible.

To support the Stronger IN campaign you can:

  • Join the campaign now at:
  • Share the link on Facebook and Twitter today, and explain why it’s so vital people play their part in this crucial referendum

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  1. I would love to stay in the EU. I believe it would be fantastic for jobs and businesses.

    BUT at what cost?

    I am an Englishman. I am treated as a SECOND CLASS CITIZEN in my our country. I can’t even put White English on my council form. I can be White Scot or even White Irish.
    When ever an Englishman says anything everyone says he is racist. I am not racist, just White and English.

    How can I vote to stay in the EU? When we have had thousands of children raped in all the cities of the UK by Muslim gangs. And if we stay in the EU many more will come here. The Police can’t cope with the gangs already here. Many rapes are hidden by the Police, by Councils and by the Media.
    Why are these POLICEMEN that knew these children were being raped not arrested and sent to prison. It is a Policemen’s job to protect children.

    In 3 years time all these Migrants in Germany and across Germany will come here. And if they are evicted from Europe for their crimes they will just come back as migrants. Europe can not control these evil people.

    I am not saying that all Migrants are criminals but the powers that be are not checking these people before allowing them into Europe.

    So I will have to vote NO to help protect the women and children of the UK. No one else seems to be doing this.

    Thank you

    • I agree with a lot that you say Stuart. One point I would like to make is that There has only been peace in the Middle East when they have strong rulers ie Nasser,Hussein, they need to be ruled by fear, Sharia Law is about fear. If we leave the EU will we have some freedom to disregard the “Human Rights” of criminals? I do not think Muslems can be trusted in a democratic and relatively free society. I expect chaos to result from further allowed immigration of Moslems. If we leave will our rulers take a harder line with incoming migrants to ensure that they respect our values, or leave to return to a lifetime of Islamic law.

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