“British businesses are clamouring for us to leave the EU”: Really?

Not true. You wouldn’t believe it from the eurosceptic rhetoric, but in fact, both British businesses and inward investors have been emphatic that Britain must stay in!

  • 85% of British manufacturers want us to remain in the EU, according to a 2014 survey by the British manufacturers’ association EEF. The association represents 600,000 companies of all sizes. Evidence
  • Small businesses support EU membership. A 2016 poll found that pro-EU small businesses outnumbered others by four to one. Evidence
  • The Confederation of British Industry is a strong advocate for EU membership. British industry argues that “the benefits significantly outweigh the costs” and that it’s vital to our global competitiveness that we stay a member. Evidence
  • The head of the UK government’s export credit guarantee agency reports EU membership is “critical” for exporting around the world. Evidence
  • British Chambers of Commerce members overwhelmingly want the UK to stay in the EU, and think withdrawal would have “a bad impact on their future”. Evidence
  • Members of the Institute of Directors strongly support EU membership, with members voting more than three to one against UK exit in 2013. Evidence
  • An independent poll of the top 500 British businesses in 2015 found that only 1% of boardroom bosses wanted to leave the EU. Evidence
  • The City of London thinks that EU membership is an “enormous benefit”. Evidence
  • A group of top free-market economists pointed out in 2014 that UK withdrawal from the EU would be a “grave threat” and would cause foreign investment to dry up. Evidence
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