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    When Brexit Becomes a Matter of Life and Death

    Cooperation over health and medical provision in the EU has never hit the headlines – but it has undoubtedly saved many lives. The detachment of the UK from this system now threatens lives. Yet the government appears oblivious to this.

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    Long List of Little Things

    The debate about Brexit has focussed on big decisions, such as trade and whether Britain should remain in the customs union. But Brexit, if it goes ahead, will also throw up a very long list of little things…

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    The Brexit threat to workers’ rights is real

    No-one should be fooled by the government’s claim that they will leave intact the workplace rights that we have agreed at European level and which are currently enshrined in EU legislation. The first clue about their true intentions is to be found in the fact that their promise to put all EU legislation into national […]

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    Misjudging the CJEU

    One reason the Tories can’t get what they want in the Brexit negotiations is their red line about any role for the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU). 
    But why this aversion to it? 

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    International Women’s Day 2018

    This year, International Women’s Day will rightly be just one of many days where women’s rights, achievements and the discrimination and abuse they face daily will be high on the news agenda.

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    The Rohingya crisis on verge of getting even worse 

    I have just had the harrowing experience of visiting the world’s largest refugee camp. Over half a million people are crammed into hastily erected shelters and tents that, in about 50 days, will be hit by the monsoon torrential rains which will wash away the shelters. There is a race against time to avoid the worst of this “catastrophe within a catastrophe”.

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    Either. Or. (An express guide to syntax)

    “A MEMBER of Labour’s leadership has revealed new plans to keep Britain in the EU for an extra two years” shrieked the hysterical sub heading of David Maddox’s deliberately disingenuous piece in the Daily Express yesterday. Apparently, I have let slip a secret plan to keep “UK in EU even longer”. Really? Well, Mr. Maddox […]

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    Tricks of the trade

    Confuse your customs unions with your comprehensive trade agreements? Not that bothered by NTBs?

    There are a lot of trade terms swirling around the media at the moment, so here’s a handy guide to what they mean.

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    Transition or extension?

    The realisation that any post-Brexit transition period will leave the UK still subject to EU legislation, including modifications to such legislation and new legislation, has given rise to the idea that Britain should extend its membership so as to serve any transition period as a voting member rather than as a “vassal state”.