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Statement in European Parliament on the Brexit Resolution

I spoke in the European Parliament today after the overwhelming vote to agree its response to the triggering of article 50. Labour MEPs voted for the resolution. What Labour will do hold Theresa May’s government to account on its promise to secure “exactly the same benefits” as we have now from the single market. If they don’t deliver, and instead they take us towards a costly, damaging, Brexit, we must demand the right to think again.

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  1. Thanks Richard. I wouldn’t trust Theresa May and her cronies to negotiate their way out of a paper bag. You are doing a great job in ensuring that whatever happens, Britain will not be worse off…

  2. It is already clear that Brexit is bad for the UK. Not only does it threaten the dissolution of the UK as we now know it, the pound has fallen, inflation is increasing, businesses are leaving and redundancies are starting, right wing ethnicity based nationalism is on the rise as is hate crime. The best position for the UK is to remain in the EU, which stands up for values like justice, peace, tolerance and democracy. And it has helped the UK to prosper through the single market. Please, please Labour Party MEP, wakeup to the fact that the so called “will of the people” is not that all.

  3. Richard. This sounds good in theory but I have no idea what it actually means and almost no confidence. This insanity was unleashed by a referendum, surely a referendum on the deal is the thing to fight for. You’d get lib dem and sip support and put Tories in a hole..no?

  4. As a Labour Party member and one who voted Remain, I live in hope that the Labour Party will be prepared to make a stand, however tardily, against leaving the EU in circumstances which will leave the British people in ANY way disadvantaged. For me and for many, this includes the disadvantage of losing EU citizenship.

  5. Totally agree with your final comments.

    Also, now that Mrs May has confirmed that FOM will continue past 2019, I really cannot see any point of BREXIT anymore.

    Waste of money & effort ( Brexit).

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