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EU reform: what do we actually need?

My thoughts on what ‘EU reform’ actually means for the current UK government have just been published on UCL’s Britain and Europe Blog:

A strange thing happened in the second half of last year. As the British Prime Minister David Cameron proclaimed to the British people that he ‘won’t take no for an answer’ when it came to EU reform, senior representatives of the UK government were working behind the scenes with other EU countries to identify which areas of EU decision-making actually needed improving — and coming to strikingly different conclusions.

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  1. It is clear that David Cameron is seeking a compromise that he can sell to the British public……….. however we all know his goals are limited, and if we listen to the left, and authors like this, the EU will never change.

    What needs to change?

    Why “EVERYTHING of course” – the EU is fundamentally flawed in its makeup.

    It believes it has a God given right to exist and determine the future for the people of Europe, but the democratic deficit grows by the year – it answers to nobody, and while also determining its own path its collective arrogance is extreme.

    Even if the commission and EP were totally re-populated with new people, those in the Brussels bubble would ensure the EU continued on its path to total federalism.

    Never mind that the EU has taken on powers it should give back if for no other reason than incompetent application, my main objection to the EU is the political structure. This structure has no adequate counter balances to wean out the more destructive regulations.

    But worse than all that, the EU is driven on by socialism and dogma.

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