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EU reform

I was asked to speak at a fringe meeting of the Labour party conference this year on the subject of what EU reforms we should be fighting for.

You can also read a transcript of my speech.

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  1. Sorry – but this mep doesn’t have a clue about what reform means – it means real change, not amending a ferw policies so they sound more attractive.

    The huge cost of the EU is badly in need of reform, given the wasteful way the commission spend our contributions – on things like greenpeace, the BBC and WWF. The EU has no buisness giving our money to these organisations.

    The way the EU is run is nothing like true democracy – there is no discussion on the way regulations are pushed through like a factory product. But one thing that needs to be altered is the supreme power the EP and commission have gathered to themselves. All too often they override nation states, and that is just totally perverse.

  2. This minimalist approach to EU reform may – understandably – suit electoral tactics of pro-EU british politicians but falls short of EU real needs . Important changes are necessary in many fields, some of them requiring Treaty changes notably in the monetary, budgetary and fiscal fields. Institutional amendments are also overdue like the abolition of the rule of unanimous voting in the Council, the reduction of the size of the Commission, etc … “An ever closer union” is not a mere declaration of principle : it is a fundamental objective based on european history and civilization. JGG

  3. Oh, give it a rest, mate. Reform is not something that happens with a snap of your fingers, and legislation takes time to alter.

    What sovereignty have we given up, and what do the EP and the Commission have to do with the Bureaucracy of Britain’s own government? We don’t have the majority of our laws made by Brussels, we have them made by the Tories. There’s a trend of blaming everything you have wrong with your country on everybody but yourself, just to save your own ego.

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