Food security and the New Alliance

Along with many MEP colleagues, I’ve received a large number of emails from constituents, raising concerns about the New Alliance for Food Security.

The European Parliament’s Committee on Development is preparing a report on the New Alliance. The report is due to be voted on in April and as part of the preparation, the Committee on International Development held a hearing in December during which evidence was heard about the impact of the New Alliance on small farmers, including from Olivier De Schutter who, as you mention, has reported to the Parliament on this issue. You can watch a video of the hearing here.

Labour MEPs have noted concerns expressed to them about the New Alliance and its impact, and the committee will take these into account during its future discussions on the report. Linda McAvan, my Labour colleague in Yorkshire & Humber, chairs the committee. Linda will ensure that a broad range of views are heard during discussions on the report, and that a fair hearing is given to concerns over the New Alliance such as those you have raised.

An exchange of views on the subject is planned for 17 February in Brussels, during which we will hear from the report’s author, Maria Heubuch from the Greens/EFA group, and also from the African Union. Following this, the committee expects to vote on the report in April.

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