Guiseley, Menston, Farley

Another day of Labour doorstepping with local candidates and party activists — this time in Guiseley, Menston and Farley in the Pudsey constituency.

Our prospective candidate for Westminster next year, the excellent and hard-working Jamie Hanley, joined me and a team of local activists, including local election candidate David Bowe, a former colleague of mine in the European Parliament, and John Bracken.

It was great to find people raising European issues with me on the doorstep. Many of them were concerned about the potentially huge loss of jobs that would result from a British exit from the European Union — or even jeopardised by the threat of exit. Others just wonder why on earth we would want to sever our relationship with our neighbouring countries.

But of course there were also a few who have been taken in by the eurosceptic mythology propagated by UKIP, the Conservatives, and so much of our media. Latest story: that the EU wants to ban yogurt and cheese from school dinners!

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