A very kind email

In the run-up to a national election, working in politics can seem even more exhausting than usual. But occasionally you receive an email — this from a Hertfordshire resident I’ve never met —¬†which reminds you that it can also be immensely rewarding:

Dear Richard,

My voting card for the May 22 elections has been making me feel guilty for a week or two — guilty because I just didn’t know very much about the European Parliament and what an MEP does but felt I ought to vote. This morning, I came upon your fascinating article, What does an MEP actually do?, and within 5 minutes had a pretty good idea, was enthused about the process and keen to vote once I have researched more about the candidates.

Thank you. Please take this sincerely because I am neither from your area nor is your party my default of choice!

I have passed your article on to friends and family in the strong belief that, although they are smart people, very few have any more knowledge about this than I had yesterday! Wish I could do more.

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