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Retreating from the fight would betray our values

I write in the Huffington Post today that Europe is a political battleground where the left can, and do, win — which is why we must stay and fight:

In fact, Labour is more united now on Europe than it has ever been – not just in parliament but at every level. Despite intense lobbying from the eurosceptic fringe, a positive EU motion was passed by the party’s conference in September, with not a single speech or vote against it from either the grassroots or the trade unions. As a party, we speak with one voice: Britain is unambiguously better off as part of the European Union.


This is what really baffles me about so-called ‘Labour Leave’. One of the defining characteristics of the political left throughout history has been our willingness to stand up and fight for our values. We’ve never shied away from political battlegrounds, be they local, national or global.

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