Nasty tactics in referendum race

My article in Progress magazine was published today:

Some nasty tactics have already appeared in the European Union referendum campaign.

One is the way that anti-EU campaigners try to bully or discredit their opponents, rather than discuss the issues. Their response to any message they do not like is to threaten, dismiss or try to silence the messenger – whether that be businesses, universities, charities, the BBC, trade unions or even the government.

Read the full article on the Progress website.

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  1. Open democratic debate, tolerance and respect are all essential to our Party. A reformed Europe is unlikely. A collapsed Europe is probable.The EEC is essentially a corporate club for the free movement of capital and labour…its liberal aspirations look ever more flimsy? The working people of this country need accountable government and State regulation of key industries and institutions…as we can see with the steel industry.With great reluctance I will probably vote for a Reformed Europe in the spirit of Party Unity. I don’t support Progress….its editorial thrust, membership, and financial backers show that it runs against the predominantly Leftward Re-alignment of our great Party and both disrupts and disrespects the Party Leadership at a critical time when it is attempting to establish a new PROGRESSIVE! ideological base which unites Socialists and Environmentalists under the same flag.

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