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Following up on yesterday’s contributions from constituents, today a well-argued Facebook post by a young man named Simon Budden was drawn to my attention.


I normally spare Facebook from my political views; I can’t think anyone particularly comes here to see me get up on my soapbox.
However, I’ve broken that rule recently because the EU referendum means a lot to me and I believe in voting remain on 23rd June.

As a history and politics geek, I see the EU as a way to go beyond beggar-thy-neighbour politics and to prevent conflict. Obama puts it plainly that the EU was setup to reject the ‘us-vs-them’ mindset.

There are legitimate discussions to be had about the EU, from the academic to the practical, but the Leave campaign’s contribution is like a bucket with a hole in it.

Leave campaigners decry EU ‘red tape’ but neglect to specify the offending legislation. They’re upset that the EU has changed since 1975 but are adamant it can’t reform. They use ‘unaccountable’ in every breath but avoid admitting how the EU is run. They worship sovereignty as a deity but ignore its purpose.

The reality is that the EU guarantees rights, has changed with the times, looks almost identical to national governments and magnifies our influence.

It’s true, you won’t always like the outcome but that’s because the EU is a political battleground, no different from Westminster; it serves no one’s interest to run away.

Nearly everything the EU is accused of comes down to our own government, be it a lack of housing or inadequate healthcare spending. Quitting the EU and shutting out the world won’t help either of these.

It’s only as part of the EU that we will face down global challenges like climate change or tax avoidance. Working with 27 other countries, as the greatest economic bloc, we gain clout far beyond that of our island alone.

From inside the EU, we build a world made of more than might, where the last resort is a court of law. We write a single rulebook, not 28, that allows us to trade and travel unhindered with our closest partners.

Our contribution to all this is valued by the other members; many countries look to us and appreciate our point of view. The EU will certainly evolve and there’s every reason we should stay and help shape it.

Arguments not armaments
Influence not isolation
Remain not retreat
Lead not leave.

So please, on 23rd June, vote remain.

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