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→A pro-European Tory in the City of London

Mark Field, Conservative MP, sticks his head above the parapet to talk sense: ‘Britain must lead in Europe to remain a financial powerhouse‘:

The temporary peace David Cameron brokered within the Conservative Party may yet unravel if UKIP make the gains they are expected to on 22 May. Many colleagues will misinterpret a robust electoral showing from this minority party as a message to the Conservative Party to harden its position against the European Union, which in my view would be contrary to the national interest for a Party seeking to govern alone, or in coalition, after the 2015 election. […]

If Britain does not act now to ensure it has an integral role in European decision-making, the risk that the single market will fragment (and with it Britain’s incentive to remain a signed-up member of the EU club) is very real indeed.

How long before the party splits over this?

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