My response to Brexit High Court Ruling

I welcome the ruling of the High Court today which re-iterates the important constitutional fact that in the United Kingdom Parliament is sovereign. As I have argued consistently, this is an existential issue for the future of our country and our future prosperity. The consequences of a so-called ‘hard Brexit’ are not yet known, but are undoubtedly far more complex and less favourable than many of the leading Leave campaigners promised.  Foolishly rushing headlong towards this without open debate in our sovereign parliament, is profoundly undemocratic and dangerous.

An advisory referendum cannot circumvent normal legal and democratic procedures. The Government has an opportunity to reflect, and argue its case in the Palace of Westminster, which is only right for a country that is a Parliamentary democracy.

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  1. What is so terribly disappointing is the resigned acceptance by many of the binding nature of this referendum even though it is “advisory”. Over and over again we hear the refrain “but we have to accept it”. With the absence of any positive arguments for leaving the EU apart from sovereignty and control, we see a palpable unravelling of everything we have influence over in danger of ebbing away. I pray that MPs will have the courage to vote the only way, but I hae my doots.

  2. Is the current British government a true government, i.e. elected by the people? Or has it provided itself the power and control of the United Kingdom to govern on own authority? If that’s the case, then nevertheless it tends to autocracy? How about the influence of the Magna Carta, the important historical document?

  3. Now we discover that jobs, our NHS (which depends on migrant staff), the rights of EU citizens living here , our laws to protect our environment, how much we pay into EU etc will be decisions of Poland, Italy ,Malta, Eire,Germany, France Denmark, Bulgaria etc
    Have we got our country back, or given influence away?

  4. Many experts on constitutional law said long ago that triggering Article 50 would require a vote in Parliament. This question was never even debated – it was more or less clear that such a vote would be necessary. Only Theresa May seemed to think that she could circumvent Parliament and make the decision on her own (which is dictatorship, NOT democracy).

    Brexit is coming very badly undone, not because of the judges in this case, nor because of “Brexit blockers”, nor of anything that those who favour Remain have yet done. It is falling apart because the Brexiteers have NO PLAN for Brexit. They have never had a plan. More than four months after the referendum, they still don’t. Mrs May’s “Brexit means Brexit” is completely meaningless. She also has no idea what Brexit should mean.

    Underlying this is the really serious issue of disagreement among the Leave campaigners. There are at least three distinct groups – (1) those who want “Brexit at any price”, and don’t care about making an agreement with the EU about market access or anything else. They are a small group of extreme racists and bigots, but they are trying very hard to dominate. (2) Those who want to Leave the EU but want to keep more or less full access to the single European market. They might be happy to leave the EU but join EFTA and remain in the EEA (“the Norway model”). This, however, would require accepting freedom of movement of people within the EEA. (3) Those who want to keep as much access to the single European market as is reasonably possible, but are prepared to accept economic disadvantages in order to “regain control of Britain’s borders” (stop freedom of movement of people). However, this group is not united about exactly what they want to achieve and have no idea at all of what they might in reality be able to achieve.

    The referendum was won by lies and by peddling pie-in-the-sky drivel such as BoJo’s “having cake and eating it, too”. Had the Brexiteers had a genuine plan for Brexit and put it to the voters before the referndum, they would very proibably have lost the vote. This awkward fact is now haunting them. Without a plan, Brexit is dead in the water.

    • Apologies for misspelling your name, Mr Haw (right that time). Your piece was excellent. We need more people to speak out against this Brexit insanity!

  5. A crisp analysis of the grim reality, Mr Hawe. Not very long ago Theresa May was insisting we remain in the EU for the sake of the economy and our national security. Now, her diametrically opposed rantings betray another Johnsonesque, any-way-the-wind-blows career manoeuvre. What low quality politicians!

    If the rabid Brexiteers have their way, they will inflict a miserable, sustained level of poverty upon a large slice of the population into the indefinite future; May cares not, as long as it serves her party political ambitions. Yes, warm words in her first speech … “government that works for all of us” … the reality? Not a hope in hell!

    Despite all the portents that Brexit is economic suicide – and despite the anger of the generations who will inherit an ugly, introspective and xenophobic country crippled by avoidable debt, the Brexit camp dare not admit they are wrong (that’s what grown ups do) so they cling to the dubious supremacy of having “won” by a wafer a consultative referendum that had no status in law. This, the culmination of a Leave campaign where truth was permanently absent without leave and the racist card was played relentlessly, with contempt for the social consequences.

    Gove used his family connections to full effect to propagate the deceptions and xenophobia through the gutter tabloids. It was a monumental stitch-up of the nation, skilfully orchestrated by the rich elite in a right-wing extremist takeover.
    The voters have not ‘decided’ – they have advised – and we rely upon wiser counsel to save us from the wholesale destruction of the UK. Have our MPs the courage to act in the best interest of the whole nation, even if that conflicts with the populist ‘advice’. If they truly love their country, they will find that courage; if they do not, then thousands will suffer impoverishment and humiliation for their cowardice.

    Leavers, you can whistle Rule Britannia until your lips bleed, but Brexit is a fantasy built on jingoism, nostalgia, xenophobia and delusions of grandeur. The plan was always to make you more servile, to give big corporations the upper hand at your expense … and to fully privatise the NHS. You’ve been had … and the sooner you can find the moral strength to admit it, the sooner we can restore and rebuild our great country as a united – not a disunited – kingdom, with a future worth having.

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