Seventh framework programme (FP7) funding for Israeli projects


A preliminary study of the CORDIS database for the FP7 programme has shown that many projects with Israeli coordinators had no other partner, no EU partner, or only Israeli partners.

Could the Commission clarify how many FP7 projects have Israeli coordinators and how many projects are Israel-only?


According to the statistics available on 16 December 2014, Israeli entities have signed 1 621 FP7 agreements, involving 1968 Israeli participations with a EU contribution to the participations exceeding a total of €875 million.

791 of these projects had a coordinator from Israel (among them, 708 projects had only Israeli participants). The majority of these projects belong to the European Research Council (ERC) and Marie Skłodowska-Curie grants for individual scientists where, reflecting the strength of Israeli research, Israeli participants achieved a high success rate.

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