Skipton, York, Barnsley

Morning in Skipton at an open public meeting at the Herriot Hotel, where I had great support from the Labour members of the audience. But I hope I even convinced the Tories there to support Labour in the European elections. Pro-European Tories are distressed at the eurosceptic obsession of their party, and they know that a vote for the Lib Dems is wasted in our region — so some of them may vote for the sensible party on Europe: Labour.

Then off to a warm welcome from USDAW in York, where Yvette Cooper MP, Veronica King (Labour candidate for Elmet & Rothwell) and I all addressed their conference, followed by a good debate.

USDAW is a union that takes legislation seriously, regularly submitting properly-researched evidence. They are aware of the importance of European-level consumer protection legislation as well as that on workplace rights and employment law — both under threat from the Tories and UKIP.

Finally (after pausing to watch the last fifteen minutes of the gripping France-Ireland rugby match), off to Barnsley for a social event organised by Barnsley East CLP and its indefatigable MP Michael Dugher. This was in the enjoyable Race Night format, where everyone takes a punt on a horse in an old filmed race, one of which they had baptised the ‘Richard Corbett for MEP Cup’! It puts the fun into fundraising.

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