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Many observers have been rightly appalled by revelations about the treatment of staff in Sports Direct warehouses, following Mike Ashley’s controversial testimony before a committee of MPs yesterday.

It was interesting that the story broke on the same day as Jeremy Corbyn launched Labour’s latest referendum campaign poster, highlighting the crucial role of the European Union in establishing and protecting British workplace rights. Indeed, I was struck by how many of the workers’ rights allegedly ignored by Sports Direct management are actually thanks to EU law in the first place.

For instance:

European laws are in place for a reason. If Sports Direct have been riding roughshod over them, as alleged, then that’s not good enough, and if the UK government has been half-hearted in enforcing them, then that’s absolutely not good enough. But one thing is clear: if you sympathise with the apparent plight of staff working for Sports Direct, you should be a strong supporter of our EU membership.

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