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  • Courtesy Al Currie

    Brexit Not Looking Good for Farmers

    Visiting Fortshot House Farm near Wike last week I discussed a number of issues facing farmers in Yorkshire, with none more pressing than what Brexit could mean for their future.

  • Brexit and the Environment

    One of the most important issues in the Brexit debate is the environment, but it is hardly a surprise that this Tory government does not appear to be concerned about how leaving the EU will threaten the UK’s environmental protections, given that one of Theresa May’s first acts as Prime Minister was to scrap the Department for the Energy and Climate Change.

  • Rhubarb farming

    Enjoying Yorkshire rhubarb

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a number of farmers who work in the “rhubarb triangle” — the area between Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield which leads the world in the production of “forced rhubarb”. This remarkable growing technique involves developing the plant’s root system for an extended period, then transplanting it into dark warm […]

  • courtesy CIAT via Flickr

    Food security and the New Alliance

    Along with many MEP colleagues, I’ve received a large number of emails from constituents, raising concerns about the New Alliance for Food Security. The European Parliament’s Committee on Development is preparing a report on the New Alliance. The report is due to be voted on in April and as part of the preparation, the Committee […]

  • courtesy Lollie-Pop via Wikimedia Commons

    Cloning of farm animals

    European countries are discussing whether to adopt a single policy on farm animal cloning for the single market. Since all EU laws need the approval both of national ministers and elected MEPs, the European Parliament will be voting next week on a proposal to ban the cloning of farm animals. Labour MEPs are of the […]

  • Crops

    Vote first, ask questions later

    A strange thing happened last week in the European Parliament. UKIP MEPs refused to support a move to return EU decision-making powers to individual countries. The issue in question was the cultivation of genetically-modified organisms. Years ago, EU countries agreed to take decisions jointly on whether to allow genetically-modified crops to be grown in Europe. […]

  • courtesy Denis Anderson via CSIRO

    Small hive beetle outbreak in Italy

    Question In September 2014 the presence of the small hive beetle (Aethina tumida) in the European Union was confirmed for the first time, in two separate locations in the Reggio Calabria region of south-west Italy. Meanwhile, the European Food Safety Authority had already conducted a risk assessment on the entry of bee pests into the […]

  • Farms in the Yorkshire dales

    The friend of farmers

    Agriculture is important for Yorkshire & Humber. There are over 12,000 holdings, and nearly two thirds of them are small farms of less than 100 hectares (250 acres). Over a fifth are grazing in Less Favoured Areas/Areas of Natural Constraint. Overall, farming has bucked the trend during the recession. According to the National Farmers Union, […]