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    EU Collaboration Crucial in Combating Cross-Border Crime

    The two Russian nationals charged by the CPS of committing the Salisbury nerve agent attack have returned to Russian, from which there is no extradition. However, the UK has already obtained a European Arrest Warrant which will ensure that the two men are brought to justice in the UK should they ever enter an EU country.

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    Europol: the first Brexit battleground?

    As Theresa May continues to give a running commentary about how she isn’t going to give a running commentary on Brexit, important real-life decisions continue to mount up. The most pressing issue related to our current EU membership is about the renewal of the UK’s participation in Europol, the Europe-wide policing agency that coordinates some […]

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    Working to keep us safe

    Europe’s criminal gangs, people-smugglers and terrorist networks don’t respect borders — and it’s vital that our police and intelligence agencies work closely together too. So EU countries have set up a law enforcement network known as Europol. British security services have a great deal of expertise here, and it’s in our own interests to spread […]

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    Brussels attacks

    I am still a little shaken by yesterday’s bomb attacks in Brussels. I had been at the station where the second bomb went off just a few minutes before. Brussels was a very tense city yesterday after the horrors of the attacks. The streets were deserted, all public transport was shut down, helicopters were flying […]

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    Behind the headlines of Stronger In

    This week, the Stronger In campaign sent a newsletter called Europe & You to households across Britain. It does a good job of presenting the hard-headed economic case for our continuing EU membership. Earlier this week, a group of journalists got together to launch an excellent new initiative called InFacts, dedicated to fact-checking EU campaign […]

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    Ecclestone court case

    Question The Commission will be aware that, earlier this year, Mr Bernie Ecclestone settled a court case, in which he stood accused of bribery, by paying a settlement of GBP 60 million to the court, without the issue of his guilt or innocence being settled. Has the Commission considered whether such a procedure is contrary […]

  • The tail wagging the dog

    The government’s handling of the vote on opting back in to various EU police and justice cooperation measures was shambolic — and caused entirely by the Conservative party’s civil war on Europe, with the government afraid of its own backbenchers. But at the end of the day, there was an overwhelming majority of 464 to […]