• Today Programme 9 May

    My interview with Nick Robinson prior to Labour’s launch of the manifesto for the European elections.

  • Courtesy Leo Wilkinson

    Radio Humberside Interview 11 April

    After an unpredictable few days and weeks, the EU27 and the UK have agreed to a further extension until 31 October 2018. Here I talk about what this means for our continued membership, MEP elections in May, Brexit and the increasing possibility of a confirmatory ballot.

  • LBC Radio Interview – 27th August 2018

    Radio Interview with LBC’s Matt Stadlen on Brexit, the People’s Vote campaign and Labour’s evolving policy position. (8 minutes long.)

  • Associate Citizenship

    I spoke to LBC’s Clive Bull about the proposal from Mr Charles Goerens, one of Luxembourg’s MEPs, for associate citizenship of the EU for nationals of a former Member State.

  • Debate screenshot

    Debate with Chris Grayling

    I debated issues related to the UK’s EU membership with Chris Grayling MP, Stephen Fidler of the Wall Street Journal, and Socialist MEP Marc Tarabella.

  • BBC Radio 4 logo

    The EU is a place for democratic cooperation

    A short debate on BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight programme about migration, and the democratic structures that underpin the EU.

  • Speaking at EU reform meeting

    EU reform

    I was asked to speak at a fringe meeting of the Labour party conference this year on the subject of what EU reforms we should be fighting for. You can also read a transcript of my speech.