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    A lesson in democracy?

    Left Foot Forward have published an article of mine reviewing the hearings process and comparing it to the national political scene: How illuminating it would be, then, if the Commons took a greater interest in ministerial appointments and submitted ministers to close questioning in public confirmation hearings before they could take office! What a powerful […]

  • Image from Atlas of Prejudice

    →Unity in…?

    A colleague shared with me this rather fun extract from the Atlas of Prejudice, showing 20 different ways to slice up the continent of Europe. Enjoy!

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    →A pro-European Tory in the City of London

    Mark Field, Conservative MP, sticks his head above the parapet to talk sense: ‘Britain must lead in Europe to remain a financial powerhouse‘: The temporary peace David Cameron brokered within the Conservative Party may yet unravel if UKIP make the gains they are expected to on 22 May. Many colleagues will misinterpret a robust electoral showing […]

  • →Labour International

    Labour International, the international section of the British Labour party, has relaunched its website and is leading with an editorial I wrote about what’s at stake in the upcoming European elections: It is important for the future of Britain that the largest party in this election should be a pro-European one: Labour. The alternative — a UKIP victory — would be a huge boost […]

  • →Putin and the European extreme right

    The Ukrainian crisis has revealed that Vladimir Putin aims to destabilise the EU. Russia is actively supporting and even financing anti-EU parties, even though they’re mostly on the extreme right: In Ukraine, he simply wants to grab territory that he believes rightly belongs to him. In the European Union, he hopes that his backing of fringe […]

  • →LabourList article

    I was invited to write a piece for the grassroots policy site LabourList about the various positions of Ed Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg on the EU: But if one wing of the coalition at least recognises that Britain’s best interest is to stay in the EU, what about the other?  The position that […]

  • →UKIP oxymorons

    Returning to the theme of Eurosceptic fantasies, I came across this interesting piece this morning. Read the full article on the IdentitySpace blog.