• Parliament screenshot

    In the debate on sea bass

    I respond to Nigel Farage on the issue of sea bass fishing.

  • Sky News

    Sky News interview on Juncker

    I spoke to Sky News about Jean-Claude Juncker’s views on the UK’s place in the EU.

  • Addressing conference

    Conference speech

    I told Labour’s annual conference: “The referendum is not on Cameron’s reforms. The referendum is on the much bigger question of our very membership of the European Union.”

  • Video screenshot

    Migration is a common challenge

    I spoke briefly in the European Parliament about the refugee crisis in Europe and how it can be addressed.

  • Speaking in plenary

    Introducing Commission hearings reform

    I spoke in Parliament to introduce a package of reforms to the way Commissioner candidates are approved by MEPs in future.

  • Screenshot

    Message to GMB congress

    Sadly, I wasn’t able to make it to the GMB congress in Dublin, but here is my message of greeting to them.

  • Le Bar de l'Europe

    At le Bar de l’Europe

    An extended, light-hearted interview for French TV about British attitudes to Europe. It’s in French, so I’ve also provided an English transcript.

  • Strong Baltic Sea plan marks important precedent

    This clip is a contribution I made to the positive vote in plenary on the Baltic multi-annual plan — a key implementation of the newly reformed Common Fisheries Policy. Since this MAP marks the first of the new style plans, it sets important precedents for others to come, namely the upcoming North Sea plan. I’m […]

  • Speaking in plenary

    eCall: a measure with widespread support

    A brief clip of one of my contributions to the debate about eCall.