Whaling in the Faroe Islands


Does Denmark (or do Danish citizens) have any legal obligation under EC law or under the Berne Convention to refrain from participating in, or helping in any way, the killing of cetaceans, and is there any legal obligation on the 86% of the people of the Faroe Island who have chosen to hold a Danish passport (instead of the green Faroese passport) to respect the EU ban on whaling?

Does the Commission consider that there is at least a moral obligation for Danish passport holders in the Faroe islands, who by virtue of holding a Danish passport are entitled to work anywhere in the European Union, to respect EC laws?

Does the Commission consider that Denmark, which provides military, immigration and policing services to the Faroes, has any moral obligation to make such services conditional on upholding European law, and does the Commission consider it appropriate for Denmark to involve itself in the prosecution of Sea Shepherd volunteers, most of whom are EU citizens, who were prosecuted by a Danish prosecutor, sentenced by a Danish judge and deported by Danish Immigration for trying to protect whales?


With regard to its position on whaling in the Faroe Islands, the Commission would refer the Honourable Member to its answers to the Written Questions E-009528/2013, E-002160/2014, P-006608/2014 and E-008624/2014(1).

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