When in roam…

Starting this week, an EU-wide agreement has once again slashed the cost of using phones and tablets abroad.

Gone are the days when Brits returned home from a short break on the continent to the shock of a massive phone bill. The EU has capped the cost of mobile roaming at a lower level year on year, and this year the prices hit their lowest level yet. As of this week, you can only be charged 2 cents (less than 2p) for sending a text, and 5 cents for voice minutes or data MB, beyond what you’d normally pay at home.

Even better news for holidaymakers: next summer, EU countries will eliminate roaming charges permanently. Not only will you be protected from extra charges when using your phone or tablet abroad, but anything you use will be counted as part of your regular contract bundles – so it will cost exactly the same as in Britain.

There are few more cut-and-dried examples of the benefits of EU membership than this. Outside the EU, it would obviously be impossible for Britain to act at a Europe-wide level. But, acting determinedly together as a union of 28 countries, we’ve successfully tackled the multinational telecoms companies who charge rip-off prices, we’ve eliminated unnecessary charges, and we’ve improved the lives of travellers all across Europe.

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