Brexit Impact Studies by the European Parliament are publicly available

While David Davis and the government prevaricate about publishing their impact studies on the effects of Brexit, on the EU side, the following studies have all been published. They have been compiled by the European Parliament Research Service (akin to the House of Commons Library) and contain both general and sectoral assessments


Citizens’ Rights:




European Parliament:



Industry, Research and Energy:

The internal market and consumer protection:

UK Situation:


  1. The depth and scope of these EU reports destroys David Davis’s claim that the publication of the 58 impact studies would prejudice EU negotiations. Who does he think he’s fooling? All the evidence tells us that the darkest, deepest economic hole imaginable is a ‘no deal’, failed Brexit. The EU knows it too. Not a secret.

    Of course, the existence of those 58 reports – listed by sector in a DexEU notice -has since been denied, but I suppose this contrary, infantile approach to high level politics should surprise no one by now. Wall to wall fairyland is the new normal.

  2. Thank you for drawing our attention to these and highlighting the chasm that exists between the open, organised and honest EU and our bunch of chancres and haters (I believe they refer to themselves as Leave supporters).

  3. Thought there were ment to be 58, at least that is what D Davies said….. if this is not the case, did he lie to parliament and the courts? Misleading parliament = he should RESIGN! How can anyone trust anything he says!

    • These reports are by the European Parliament whereas the famous 58 are by the British government.
      Different reports but covering similar areas.

    • This article relates to are reports /impact studies undertaken by the EU. The 58 reports David Davis is ‘hiding’ are industry-sector impact studies generated by the U.K. government.
      You have not read the article clearly in order to distinguish the difference.

      • The 58 reports David Davis is ‘hiding’ are industry-sector impact studies generated by the U.K. government.

        Except Mr Davis says now they don’t exist

  4. I hope you have forwarded these links to all your colleagues. Especially Mr Davis! I believe that they should be as well informed as you and our European friends.

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