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  • Speaking at EU reform meeting

    EU reform

    I was asked to speak at a fringe meeting of the Labour party conference this year on the subject of what EU reforms we should be fighting for. You can also read a transcript of my speech.

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    Load of tosh over Calais migrants

    Media coverage of the Mayor of Calais’s comments about migrants trying to get into the UK is, quite frankly, a load of tosh. First, the illegal migrants trying to enter Britain from Calais are nothing to do with the EU’s freedom of movement. Illegal migrants are by definition from outside the EU. After all, if they were from another EU […]

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    EU budget row: why the delayed reaction?

    The more you dig into the EU budget surcharge question, the more the conduct of the British government and David Cameron becomes questionable — as it becomes clear that they actually knew about it months ago. Remember the song and dance when the government announced to great fanfare that the UK economy was bigger than […]

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  • My promises

    As your MEP, I am fighting to:

    • make the case for Britain in Europe
    • change EU policies that need reform
    • build on EU successes and partial successes
    • fight racism
    • put climate change back on the agenda
    • secure European funding for Yorkshire
    • report back regularly and thoroughly

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