• My promises

    As your MEP, I will fight to:

    • Make the case for Britain in Europe
    • Change EU policies that need reform
    • Build on EU successes and partial successes
    • Fight racism
    • Put climate change back on the agenda
    • Secure European funding for Yorkshire
    • Report back regularly and thoroughly

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  • What they say about me

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  • Brexit prizewinner highlights massive dangers

    The right-wing think-tank Institute for Economic Affairs has recently awarded what it’s calling the Brexit prize to a member of the UK’s consulate staff in the Philippines for his essay describing how the UK might try to handle itself in the event of quitting the EU. This is an attempt to make the case for […]

  • Voters trust Labour on Europe: poll

    An interesting ICM double opinion poll was published yesterday with voting intentions for both the national and European elections. The differences between the two are instructive. Given the proportional system used for voting in the European elections, it’s not surprising that smaller parties score more highly there. Conversely, the main parties logically have a lower score. But here’s the thing: […]

  • Reflections on Yorkshire & the Humber

    Campaigning over the last few days has reminded me of how wonderfully varied Yorkshire & the Humber actually is. This weekend, from Bradford to Beverley, from Hull to Holmfirth, from Selby to Shipley, and from York to Yeadon, is itself an illustration. Add recent days from Scarborough to Skipton, Wortley to Wakefield, Barnsley to Bramley […]