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    Returning to the playground

    A year ago today, I took my seat as an MEP following the European elections. I commented at the time how similar it all felt to the first day back at school, with a few new pupils wandering the corridors in confusion, various playground manoeuvrings about who would end up in which gang, and everyone […]

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    Greece: don’t take it at face value!

    It seems that there are just hours left to avoid a drastic situation in Greece. At first sight, the natural sympathies of many people, especially on the left, will be with Greece. Is this not a plucky little country, standing up to the IMF and the richer eurozone countries to oppose austerity politics? And there […]

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    I write a detailed report every three months, describing my work in Parliament, listing my engagements and giving my take on key issues affecting Britain and Europe.

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    A key part of my job is communicating with people, businesses and organisations from all over our region. If you’d like to get in touch, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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  • My promises

    As your MEP, I am fighting to:

    • make the case for Britain in Europe
    • change EU policies that need reform
    • build on EU successes and partial successes
    • fight racism
    • put climate change back on the agenda
    • secure European funding for Yorkshire
    • report back regularly and thoroughly

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