• My promises

    As your MEP, I will fight to:

    • Make the case for Britain in Europe
    • Change EU policies that need reform
    • Build on EU successes and partial successes
    • Fight racism
    • Put climate change back on the agenda
    • Secure European funding for Yorkshire
    • Report back regularly and thoroughly

  • Portrait of Richard

  • What they say about me

From the campaign blog

  • Challenging lies and scare stories

    The launch of UKIP’s European election campaign in Sheffield has given rise to many comments, not least because of the poster and billboard campaign they unveiled. Most politicians are prone to exaggeration, but they normally shy away from blatant lies. Not so with UKIP. They seem to be of the same school as Joseph Goebbels: […]

  • →Channel 4 debate

    I appeared on Channel 4 news last night, debating with the Earl of Dartmouth over UKIP’s anti-immigration fear tactics.

  • We were never hoodwinked

    One of the most frequently repeated lies about Europe is to say that, when we joined the EU, ‘we were told we were only joining a free-trade area’ and ‘no-one told us that it was more than that’. The eurosceptic strategy here is to try to undermine the national debate that took place in the […]