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    Cloning of farm animals

    European countries are discussing whether to adopt a single policy on farm animal cloning for the single market. Since all EU laws need the approval both of national ministers and elected MEPs, the European Parliament will be voting next week on a proposal to ban the cloning of farm animals. Labour MEPs are of the […]

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    Seeing sense on workers’ rights

    With several news outlets reporting this morning that Cameron is rethinking his plan to attack workers’ rights, Labour has made its position clear: It was never going to be a good idea to try to build support for the EU based on a bonfire of workers’ rights. Strong economies should have decent rights for people […]

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    Disagreements and common ground

    I spent part of the summer in the USA, where I had meetings with members of Congress in Washington. One of the main subjects we discussed was, of course, the ongoing negotiations for a transatlantic trade deal known as TTIP. I also met the US negotiators and the EU’s ambassador to the USA. It was […]

At work in Yorkshire & Humber

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  • Reporting back

    I write a detailed report every three months, describing my work in Parliament, listing my engagements and giving my take on key issues affecting Britain and Europe.

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  • Talking with constituents

    A key part of my job is communicating with people, businesses and organisations from all over our region. If you’d like to get in touch, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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  • My promises

    As your MEP, I am fighting to:

    • make the case for Britain in Europe
    • change EU policies that need reform
    • build on EU successes and partial successes
    • fight racism
    • put climate change back on the agenda
    • secure European funding for Yorkshire
    • report back regularly and thoroughly

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