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  • Margrete VESTAGER

    MEPs keep the Commission in line

    As a member of the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs committee, I’ve been observing the Commissioner hearings to see how the procedure can be improved in the future. The process, and my report, is yet to be finalised – but I have written some of my initial thoughts in an article for the Parliament Magazine: When it […]

  • Photo courtesy of the European Commission

    A common sense guide to EU reform

    Europe’s World (a European policy journal) have published an article of mine that outlines my thoughts on EU reform: Reform in the European context is an ongoing process, not a one-off event to be initiated, negotiated and completed within a self-proclaimed deadline. Rather, the whole point of the EU is to be a non-stop negotiating forum, year in […]

  • Photo courtesy of the European Parliament

    A referendum, and to hell with the consequences

    Many studies – both polls and in-depth research – have demonstrated that, the more people understand about the EU and how it works, the more positive their feelings are towards it. Nigel Farage knows this as well as anyone. And this explains his announcement over the weekend – predictably lapped up by the eurosceptic press […]


  • My promises

    As your MEP, I am fighting to:

    • make the case for Britain in Europe
    • change EU policies that need reform
    • build on EU successes and partial successes
    • fight racism
    • put climate change back on the agenda
    • secure European funding for Yorkshire
    • report back regularly and thoroughly

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