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  • The lighter side of Parliament

    Aside from the serious work that goes on, most parliaments also have their amusing and quirky side. Perusing the bookshop at Westminster, you find plenty of books with anecdotes and tales of the lighter side of politics and some of the more colourful characters who have inhabited the building. The European Parliament too has its share of yarns and […]

  • A constructive agenda for Europe

    Had a productive weekend in Milton Keynes at Labour’s National Policy Forum. This is the body which does the detailed drafting of Labour Party policy, for submission to Labour Party conference for final approval. Of course, this year is particularly important, with the general election being only ten months away — so much of the work done this weekend will […]

  • Dishonourable exception

    In a democracy, people who want to change or undermine the system have the option to gather support and stand for election within that system — but they then have to decide what to do if they’re elected within the very system they want to break up. If you’re elected to a parliament of which you […]


  • My promises

    As your MEP, I am fighting to:

    • make the case for Britain in Europe
    • change EU policies that need reform
    • build on EU successes and partial successes
    • fight racism
    • put climate change back on the agenda
    • secure European funding for Yorkshire
    • report back regularly and thoroughly

  • Portrait of Richard

  • What they say about me