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  • Overview of Yorkshire & Humber constituency

    Local fact sheets

    You can download a printable fact sheet about the role of the EU in each of the following parts of the region:

  • The region of Yorkshire & Humber has two Labour MEPs, Linda McAvan and myself.

    Although Linda and I each represent the whole of the region, we have agreed an informal geographical split of the region into north and south when it comes to responding to enquiries from constituents. So, if you contact one or both of us, you will receive a reply from me if you live in the northern part of the region, or from Linda if you live in the southern part.

    This means you will always have one office dedicated to liaising with you, and if you need to visit us, you’ll have access to an office as close as possible to where you live.

    There are also four MEPs from other parties. If you live in Yorkshire & Humber and you have an issue related to the European Parliament or EU law, you may contact any or all of your local MEPs.

    If you live elsewhere in the UK, you can contact your own local Labour representatives. Every region of the UK has at least one Labour MEP.