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  • Tensions in Kashmir

    The Kashmir issue has long been neglected by the international community, despite the very clear UN Security Council resolutions that require the issue to be settled by a referendum of the Kashmiri people themselves.

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    Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan

    Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are disproportionately applied to Christians and human rights activists. In 2010, the Christian woman Asia Bibi was handed down a death sentence for blasphemy and the Christian government minister Shahbaz Bhatti was assassinated for advocating on her behalf.

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    The Rohingya crisis on verge of getting even worse 

    I have just had the harrowing experience of visiting the world’s largest refugee camp. Over half a million people are crammed into hastily erected shelters and tents that, in about 50 days, will be hit by the monsoon torrential rains which will wash away the shelters. There is a race against time to avoid the worst of this “catastrophe within a catastrophe”.

  • Diversity is the Heart of Britishness

    One of the least pleasant aspects of Boris Johnson’s recent rant was his comment that young people in Britain today have “split loyalties” because they wear or fly the European flag. Identity is pluralistic, not uniform.

  • Brexit and Citizens’ rights: The devil is in the detail

    What happens to EU citizens’ rights – of EU citizens here and Brits in other EU countries – after Brexit? This is the first key issue of the Article 50 “divorce” negotiations. It is a cause of great anxiety for the millions of citizens affected. In this briefing I look at several of the key areas for negotiation – and the serious implications for millions if they are not resolved.

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    Unfair labour practices in Asia shrimp farms

    Question According to a report by Fairfood International, published on 8 April 2015 and not yet refuted, shrimp farms in Asia are employing labour at well below real wages (EUR 8 per worker per day) and under unacceptable labour conditions according to EU standards (60 hours per week). According to the report, shrimp produced under […]

  • Love football, but not at any cost

    It’s no secret that the preparations for the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 have been appalling for those working to build the stadiums. The conditions for migrant workers from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh, who are working on building projects for the event, are dramatic to say the least. Many international organisations, […]