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  • Brexiteers are falling behind

    In my latest article for Labour List, I argue that while the European election results were not good for Labour, nor were they good for the Brexit supporting parties. Labour must move to a wholehearted backing of a public vote on Brexit in order to stop haemorrhaging votes.

  • Sky News Interview 9 May

    Interview with Adam Boulton on All Out Politics on Labour’s European Election manifesto.

  • Courtesy Guido Andolfato

    Navigating the Brexit Deadlock

    Within 24 hours of losing the ‘meaningful vote’ by an unprecedented margin, Theresa May defeated a vote of No Confidence in her government. So how does Parliament proceed?

  • Place Jo Cox

    On 27th September, the city of Brussels honoured the memory of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, by naming a square beside the Ancienne Belgique music venue she often visited in the years she lived here, as Place Jo Cox, in a formal ceremony.

  • Interview Still

    Interview with Core Politics on Brexit

    Discussing the Labour Party’s positions on various aspects of the ongoing Brexit negotiations – May 2018.

  • Courtesy Leo Wilkinson

    Should Labour fear single market rules?

    Are there specific aspects of single market rules that would be problematic for a Labour government? Several are cited from time to time. Writing for Labour List, I point out that none in fact would cause insurmountable problems to delivering our manifesto,