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Autumn 2017 Report

Autumn 2017 Quarterly Report – Online


  1. The strange goings on over our decision to leave the European Union leave me rather uneasy. I do not think that the main issue facing working class people is the decision to leave or its consequences.

    The main issue is austerity. The fiction that the working class should pay for the failures of the banks and the general failures of capitalism has resulted in the biggest kick in the teeth for the Westminster elite since the poll tax riots that brought down Margaret Thatcher. We were given the chance in the EU Referendum to express our view, and my goodness the alienated people of this country have seized their chance, and rightly so.

    I have never supported the European Union. I voted against the Common Market in 1975 and I voted “Out” this time, only to find that I was in the majority for a change.

    So I look forward to our subscriptions to the EU being redirected to restructure the economy along socialist lines. For this to succeed we need a Labour Government committed to ending austerity. I think Labour should speak more clearly along these lines and stop pretending that we should remain in the Single Market or the Customs Union, which are part of the trouble not part of the solution.

    Probably you don’t agree, but you did ask for my views!

    Best Wishes and Merry Christmas.

  2. Dear Richard Corbett,
    As a Guardian reader, this is familiar, appalling ground. Thank you for making it plain what a total disaster Brexit is proving to be. The British public were offered a pig in a poke, not even inspected by the Brexiteers. Unfortunately, the rest of the press is owned by people who have much to gain by deregulation, and most of whom do not pay tax here, or evade it in our own tax havens. And now that so many people get their news online, and (perhaps like Guardian-readers) live in their own bubbles, it is extremely difficult to reach them. Boris’s pie is still in the sky (with the flying pig in its poke), and I am afraid even a second referendum might produce the same answer. What hope is there of reversing Brexit, do you think?