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  • Courtesy Arno Mikkor (EU2017EE) via Flickr

    It’s not just the backstop!

    Despite her focus on it, the “backstop” is not the main problem (if indeed it is a problem) with her deal. There are plenty of other problems with it that she wants us to ignore.

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    Hey UK, the EU’s watching you!

    Brexit has illustrated once again that the British press and politicians immersed in the notorious ‘Westminster bubble’ underestimate just how much their European colleagues understand them.

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    Fisking “Common Market 2.0” (Revised)

    The “Norway Plus Group” of MPs have put forward a paper called “Common Market 2.0” as a possible alternative Brexit deal to current deal. I analyse how credible it actually is, in this long read.

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    Brexit and Aviation

    To be able to fly across borders, there must be an agreement in place between the countries concerned. Britain has agreements with over 150 countries. Traditionally, these are extremely restrictive, governing down to individual flight slots for specified airlines. Far and away the most permissive and enabling is what we have secured within the European Union.

  • Falsehoods, Failures, Fibs & Fabrications

    The 40 reasons to back the Brexit deal published by the Prime Minister to support her deal, are a frantic farrago of frequently fanciful falsehoods, failures, fibs or feeble fabrications. They are listed below with my comments on each of them in red, explaining why this entire document is so disingenuous and should not be […]

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    The Political Declaration: A Wishy Washy Wish List

    After nearly two years of wrangling, more between the rival factions within her own party than with the EU, over the manner of the UK’s mooted departure, Theresa May agreed last week to an unpopular Withdrawal Agreement. Then, like a disorganised undergraduate who realises the night before that a paper is due, she hurriedly threw […]

  • My response to Theresa May’s last-minute Brexit deal

    Theresa May has finally been able to convince (most of) her cabinet that Brexit requires reaching a deal with the European Union on the Withdrawal Agreement, but this is a bad deal for Britain for many reasons. First, the deal offers no clarity on the future relationship on which a five page document offers only […]

  • Uncertain futures: How Brexit could leave our children less protected

    Uncertainty reigns supreme in the Brexit negotiations. But what is now clear is that Brexit will weaken our rights, protections and shared standards. And while many hundreds of articles have been written on customs unions and chlorinated chicken, scant attention has been paid to what Brexit specifically means for our youngest generation. How might children be affected by Brexit?

  • Place Jo Cox

    On 27th September, the city of Brussels honoured the memory of murdered Labour MP Jo Cox, by naming a square beside the Ancienne Belgique music venue she often visited in the years she lived here, as Place Jo Cox, in a formal ceremony.