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    Votey McVoteface

    The EU referendum is now just around the corner — and the final deadline to register for this historic vote is almost upon us. It’s very simple and easy to do online. And if you’re not registered by Tuesday 7 June, you won’t be able to participate. There are currently 7.5 million eligible voters in […]

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    The future of pharmacies

    Brexiteers’ attempts to drag the NHS into their anti-EU campaign hinges on two dubious claims. The first is that we would be significantly better off if we left the EU. The second is that our government would spend its new-found windfall on plugging the gaps in public spending on the health service. The first of […]

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    Boris’s blunder-bus

    Last week, Boris kicked off his anti-EU campaign with a series of gaffes so embarrassing that even the Daily Mail couldn’t resist pointing and laughing. Has he finally gone off the rails — or is his instinct for self-promotion behind even his latest series of blunders? First he posed in the doorway of his Vote […]

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    Fighting for tax transparency in Europe

    The fight continues against tax-dodging and secrecy for multinational corporations, with an important vote in Parliament yesterday. My colleague Anneliese Dodds MEP, together with Rachel Reeves MP, wrote about this in the Times this week. The full article is not free, but the extract below summarises the key issues: Labour MEPs have pressed the case […]

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    Working to keep us safe

    Europe’s criminal gangs, people-smugglers and terrorist networks don’t respect borders — and it’s vital that our police and intelligence agencies work closely together too. So EU countries have set up a law enforcement network known as Europol. British security services have a great deal of expertise here, and it’s in our own interests to spread […]

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    When in roam…

    Starting this week, an EU-wide agreement has once again slashed the cost of using phones and tablets abroad. Gone are the days when Brits returned home from a short break on the continent to the shock of a massive phone bill. The EU has capped the cost of mobile roaming at a lower level year […]

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    Many appy returns!

    We MEPs represent much larger constituencies than MPs. There are two Labour MEPs — and four from other parties — who cover the whole of Yorkshire & Humber, with its 5.4 million people. I get around a lot, but it’s not possible to visit every single town and village in the region every month! (Fun […]

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    The EU benefits the environment

    It’s a shame that environmental issues have featured so little in the referendum campaign to date. Not only is environmental policy a vitally important part of the decisions we take jointly at European level, but it’s also one of the EU’s biggest success stories. So I was delighted to read the results of a major […]

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    The EU and referendums

    A new line of attack by eurosceptics came my way the other day: the claim that the EU ignored national democratic decisions when it came to the French and Dutch referendums on the proposed EU constitution, Ireland’s initial ‘No’ to the Lisbon treaty, and the Greek referendum of 2015. They claim that all these decisions were […]

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    Steeling ourselves against China

    There are two main European angles to the ongoing debate over the future of the UK steel industry. Trade defence measures Europe acting jointly has the clout to put real pressure on the Chinese government over steel dumping — but our government opposed stepping up EU action. The EU has trade defence instruments to deal […]