CE marking


Is the Commission satisfied that the CE regulations are being enforced with equal vigour across Europe, and if not, what action does it intend to take?


The Commission is aware of the differences in the implementation of the current product legislation requiring manufacturers to affix the CE marking across Europe. For this reason it pursues its efforts to facilitate and monitor the implementation of the current EU market surveillance framework and to support cooperation among national authorities. It does so through actions such as:

  • regular contacts and policy discussions with national experts,
  • exchange of information on market surveillance programmes,
  • financial support to Administrative Cooperation Groups,
  • grants for joint market surveillance actions,
  • the operation of the Rapid Alert System for non-food dangerous products,
  • the operation of the Information and Communication System on Market Surveillance (ICSMS) for use by all market surveillance authorities.

In addition, the Commission expects that the market surveillance framework in the EU would be further improved were the legislative proposals contained in its Consumer Product Safety and Market Surveillance Package to be adopted and come into effect.

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