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MEPs vote that ‘sufficient progress’ has not been made on Brexit talks

MEPs today voted, rightly in my view, that there has not yet been ‘sufficient progress’ in the Brexit negotiations. As Acting Leader of the EPLP, I have issued this statement and here is my speech in the parliament’s debate:

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  1. You are traitors, working against the good of the people of the UK (and also the 3 million EU citizens who depend on the UK for their living) in voting this way. You disgust me.

    Jackie Leotardi #LabourLeave

    • Your immediate recourse to “traitors” suggests you have not considered the question out to MEPs. Have a look at what they were asked to consider and see if you still think that’s the most appropriate word.

  2. I would have hoped a British MEP to represent the best interests of his country rather than personal interests.
    Disappointed with you.

    • Personally I would rather MEPs like 3 of my 6 in the South West pondered the question under consideration and voted according to the facts as they saw them rather than slavishly following the party line or taking a 52:48 result which is little more decisive than a coin toss as some kind of instruction.

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