• Three Reasons why the EU is a good thing

    Short and Sweet!

  • Time for a change within Britain – or Harry Potter wizardry

    Speaking in European Parliament on the May’s magical ‘Harry Potter’ border plans for Ireland. (13th March 2018)

  • On whether the UK has the option to change its mind

    My reply to Sean Kelly MEP’s ‘blue card’ question.

  • Response to Donald Tusk & Jean-Claude Juncker statements

    Speaking in the European Parliament on the conclusions of the European Council meeting in December.

  • Statement on progression to Phase 2 negotiations

    Speaking on 13th December. Although we are moving onto phase 2 of negotiations, we must not pretend the phase 1 issues are settled,

  • Challenging a UKIP point of order on Select Committee visit

    Challenging a UKIP point of order on the visit of the Commons Select Committee. 15th November 2017.

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    Speaking on European Council’s ‘insufficient progress’ decision

    I spoke to parliament about the European Council’s decision that insufficient progress has been made on Brexit negotiations, as expected, and of the divisions within the Tory party causing this.

  • MEPs vote that ‘sufficient progress’ has not been made on Brexit talks

    MEPs today voted, rightly in my view, that there has not yet been ‘sufficient progress’ in the Brexit negotiations. As Acting Leader of the EPLP, I have issued this statement and here is my speech in the parliament’s debate:

  • Courtesy JPC

    Sky News Interview : Adam Boulton

    Talking with Adam Boulton about the many complex challenges with Brexit negotiations, the importance of protected food names for the British Economy and why we should remember that Brexit is ‘if’ not ‘when’, until we know what kind of deal is on offer.

  • Yorkshire, Brexit and the General Election – A film from FRANCE 24 (in English)

    FRANCE 24 came over to Yorkshire to film a piece on how people and politicians in the region felt about Brexit and the General Election. It was a pleasure to take them to University of Leeds and Digital Exchange in Bradford to explore the views of students and the technology community. Pour nos amis français, il ya a une version en français aussi.

  • My response to EU Brexit Guidelines

    Addressing the European Parliament about the clear guidelines set out by the European Council for Brexit negotiations.

  • Statement in European Parliament on the Brexit Resolution

    Today the 73% of the European Parliament agreed a resolution in response to article 50 being triggered. It is Labour’s responsibility to hold Theresa May’s government to account for their promise secure “exactly the same benefits”.

  • Speaking at Unite for Europe rally

    On 25th March I spoke to thousands of protesters in Parliament Square about why should keep fighting this government on Brexit.

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    More complications of Brexit

    I replied to Alyn Smith MEP on Brexit. (You can view my original statement here.)

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    Complications of Brexit

    I spoke in the European Parliament on complications following from the Brexit vote. (You can watch my response on this subject to a question from another member here.)

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    On behalf of the 48%

    I spoke in the European Parliament on behalf of “the 48%”.

  • Football, facts and apps

    I spoke to EU Reporter about the interplay between Euro 2016 football, the EU referendum and how to distinguish facts from fiction in the campaign.

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    Impact assessments and regulation

    I make a short statement in Parliament about the improvements to lawmaking in the new ‘inter-institutional agreement’.

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    VLOG: Project Fear and migration

    Today’s vlog is a discussion of the way eurosceptics are spinning ‘project fear’, especially with regard to migration.

  • Video

    More important than party politics

    I spoke to EU Reporter about the implications of the UK ‘in-out’ referendum for the future of the Union.

  • Vlog

    Vlog: The EU summit

    My latest vlog covers what to expect from the upcoming EU summit.

  • Speaking in plenary

    Cameron’s draft reform deal

    I address the European Parliament on Cameron’s draft reform deal.

  • Parliamentary debate

    EU regulation: help or hindrance?

    I talk about the pros and cons of EU regulation in a parliamentary debate.

  • Parliament screenshot

    In the debate on steel and competition policy

    I speak in Parliament about how the EU can help support the steel industry in Britain.